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Foot Slaves Belong Under My Feet - Empress Mika

They rule over you and through them I completely own and control your life. You are beneath Me like the dirt I walk on and, as such, you are going to show Me how much you crave to become nothing more than a speak of a man beneath My foot. A foot slave like you has no right to stand in My presence.

How do you get a foot slave? - Answers

A foot slave (sometimes hyphenated as 'foot-slave' or written as a single word 'footslave') is a submissive foot-fetishist.

What to expect when you are my foot slave by Missrissalynn on ...

What to expect when you are my foot slave. 1~ Every morning when you wake up and every night before bed, you will worship my feet no matter how tired you are. 2~ You must kiss my feet every time you enter and exit your vehicle. 3~ You must always greet me and say goodbye with a kiss on each foot.

Princess Marjorie Bourgeois & her feet slave 🐕 - YouTube

Princess Marjorie Bourgeois & her feet slave 🐕 on his kneel

footslave photos on Flickr | Flickr

Wouldn't you love to be the foot slave I summon to my luxurious bathroom to pleasure me. Once you arrive naked and with a black studded leather collar tightly fastened around your neck, I will order you to get on your knees on my bathroom floor. Then you will gently remove my gold flip flops and begin to kiss and lick my feet all over for 5 minutes.

How I Got to Where I Am Today: Being a Foot Slave - The MousePad

So if you want to suck my toes, lick my soles, kiss my feet, and worship them for hours upon hours… if you… want to become my foot slave… that can very well happen. Just know that you would be a foot slave, and the extent of that is mouth to foot and nothing else.

Dominatrix’s ‘slaves’ wait on her hand and foot

While she has a 41-year-old boyfriend, John Fathom, she also has “slaves” Chris and Mike (identified only by their first names) who wait on her hand and foot. She calls them her “subs ...

Slave kisses the feet of his Roman Domina - YouTube

Foot worship scene. Rome season 2, episode 4.

My husband is my slave | Wrestling Forum

When he was done, I told him that from now on, he was going to be my foot-slave which meant that he would come over to my house everyday to worship my feet. And sure enough, everyday after school, while I was doing homework, he was under the table licking and kissing my feet and every other day, he was painting my toe-nails.

Inside Miami's Foot Fetish Community and Parties | Miami New ...

Foot fetish lore has it that the ancient Roman governor Lucius Salvus Otho went to brothels to worship female feet.